Car Wrapping Course

Where can i start a car wrapping course?


car wrapping courseThere are a few reputable places where you can learn from a car wrapping course.

I suggest you don’t cut corners by going to freddy’s shop down the road cause that will be the only place you get a job.


The first thing you need to look for in a good school is:


Is it certified

Are the tutors individually certified in teaching a vehicle wrapping course and graphic installation

Finally will you be given certification at the end of the course.


If these 3 things are not present, i suggest you run a mile cause it would be safer chucking your money down the drain.


Truck wrapping courseVehicle wrapping is a very skillful job, so just remember that you are only going to get a firm basis of how to wrap a car on these courses as experience is the only way you are going to be a professional car wrapper.

Ask yourself how long did it take them to get certified and professional in the car wrapping trade.



First take a look at the car wrapping course guide

  • A small class to maintain
  • hands on tuition
  • A small class, so every student can have enough attention from the teachers
  • Enough materials to practice with
  • Lists of materials and tools needed for the course
  • In depth course material
  • Practical as well as theory lessons
  • Explaining the different materials used in a vehicle wrapping course


Also look for courses that have places for beginners all the way down to professional trades people, if you don’t mind traveling there are some vehicle wrapping London courses available that can benefit you.

Remember vehicle wrapping is a very lucrative business, so before you get into it you need to find one of the best possible trainers in order to eventually become successful yourself. You can earn a healthy income from wrapping business vehicles. Just the other day i nearly got ran over by a sell house fast company car that was vinyl wrapped in their companies logo, i’ve since seen a fleet of them parked outside their offices. If you can get a fleet of cars to wrap then your quids in.

You can learn more about wrapping cars here plus watch the video below for a look at how to wrap cars door handles with vinyl materials.